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Prompt Air-Conditioning Services

Make Your Ride Cool With Our Air-Conditioning Repair Solutions

Just because your auto air-conditioning isn't considered an essential safety feature or necessary for your car to run, that doesn't mean you should put up with a broken system. Especially, on hot Hawaiian days when the temperature gets higher than normal, you need to know that your ride will be cool and stress-free.
L.S. Auto Repair & Transmission LLC is a leading auto repair shop in Waipahu, serving West and Central Oahu. We offer routine maintenance, general repairs, and specialized transmission services. Auto air-conditioning is one of those things Oahu residents don't like to be without, and we strive to get it fixed quickly and completely.
Air-Conditioning Services

Keep Your Little Ones Safe With a Clean Air-Conditioning System

Despite the fact that your car will run perfectly fine without the A/C system functioning, it's of critical importance if you have infants or small children. On hot days, cars heat up quickly, and car seats are snug and don't allow much air movement. Keep your little ones safe and happy with a well-running and a clean air-conditioning system. 

In addition, drivers who aren't sweating and uncomfortable from the heat and humidity here on Oahu are more likely to drive safely.
Cabin filter replacement

Our Air-Conditioning Services

  • A/C system evacuation and recharge
  • Compressor replacement
  • Condenser replacement
  • Evaporator core replacement
  • Thermal expansion valve replacement
  • Receiver dryer replacement
  • Cabin filter replacement
  • R134a retrofitting
The ASE-certified mechanics at our locally owned and operated repair shop are dedicated to providing fast and thorough service at a fair and honest price. If you've been searching for the right shop in Waipahu or Pearl City to fix your auto air-conditioning, look no further. Call us today to find out more about what we can do for you!
We provide FREE towing with qualifying repairs.
Call: 808-676-1110
"This is a great place to fix your car if you want it done right and price is reasonable. The owner is fair and honest. It's very hard to find great mechanics who are honest and reasonable in Hawaii. I even had my insurance agent recommend me this place."

Lnrd R., Yelp
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